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Somewhere in October 2005 I received an email from Meg Linton of the Ben Maltz gallery at Otis College of Art and Design to be part of an exhibition called:
Needless to say I was flattered and excited. Twin from Majestics C.C. in Los Angeles has pointed out my website To Meg and convinced her to get me and my work over there. Only thing they didn't knew was that I live in the Netherlands...
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Mean Green I build the week before we left. The design I did 3 years ago but I
never actually took the time to build it.
It uses the chassis of an old Lindberg hopper car tricked out with a new gear setup and steering device to turn it into a fully functional radio controlled hopper car. Unfortunatly I forgot to add some small fishing weights in the trunk which would make this car hop backbumper without a problem.
I was very happy to hear that Meg had arranged a ticket to L.A. and a place to stay thanks to the Dutch consulate in Los Angeles. The deal was on!
Mean Green
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The line up of cars I was bringing along went from 6 to 4 because of patent I had to work very hard on some new stuff.
BeSwitched '67 also needed some attention because I completely dissmantled the car some time ago. For the Big Blue '64 I had to build in a new hopper motor and fix the switchbox. Blue in da face was pretty much in good condition.
Micro Big Body
I also finally finished my 1/64 radio controlled Micro Big Body. It was hard to complete this one since it works with micro RC parts, gears and motors. I made a resin copy of the Jada toys Fleetwood and altered the front so it looks a lot better.
The car can lift the rear smoothly, hops the front, drives back and forth and steers.
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After an eleven hour flight Joelle and I arrived in sunny california. We were staying at a hotel nearby the airport and not too much action was going on there. We soon discovered that public transportation is horror because it takes forever to get anywhere.
After we dropped our bags we were off to visit the Ben Maltz gallery and met with Meg and the rest of the staff.
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