The gallery is located next to the Otis College of Art and Design and has a very nice atmosphere. I met Dan Goodsell creator of the Imaginary World of Mr. Toast. He's a great guy and his work puts a smile on your face.
The next day I ran into Mario Montano from Imperials C.C. he came all the way from Phoenix to meet us. It's almost surreal to meet people you only know from the internet.
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Twin works at Otis and I didn't realise he is the president of Majestics C.C. the car club featured in the DVD Sunday driver...and I was searching for that DVD for a long time so I was superstoked to find out he was one of the guys featured in the DVD and that he had a copy for us all.

The next day I was doing a demo for Otis students which was really fun to do although I had no clue what to Meg started asking me questions and then the whole thing went off and the people got excited especially when Blue in da Face popped up it's spinning bed.
In the crowd a mysterious guy with a photo camera was taking pics of the whole event... turned out to be he was Big Poppa! Anbother pleasant suprise to meet him there since he came all the way from Colorado.
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I did not had the time to check if the RC Micro Big Body actually worked...I was relieved to find out that the car did a great job driving and hopping and lifting the rear in smooth motion. One thing I was bummed out about was the fact that I had removed the antennas from BeSwitched and Mean Green attaching some wire instead resulting in poor reception and action...although Mario assured me that nobody did notice.
The rest of the day we were off and Mario took us to a nice mexican restaurant, dropped Joelle off at a shoppingmall...and us three guys more or less wandered on the roads of L.A. stopping at famous lowrider spots.
The jetlag kicked in like a brick on our heads and I still had to do another demo so after I drunk a bucket full of coffee I switched on my cars while Meg Linton explained my work to the crowd.
All went well and people were excited. 8-Bit Weapon did a great performance he makes some really cool electronic music and I'm a big fan of that genre. The Dutch consulate in L.A. made it possible for me to be there and I was glad that I could thank Hans van der Dool in person for the opportunity. At 11'oclock Joelle and I felt like Zombies and went back to the hotel and crashed.
On friday night I met the other artists and it suprised me how many people have Dutch relatives. The collection of work in this exhibition is fascinating. Going from lifesize modified starwars costumes made by Nathan Cabrera to learning how to speak using fake parrots by Anne Walsh who, by the way, has Dutch parrents.
Artist Blu does some amazing small and detailed painting on vinyl dolls while Martin and Munoz make trully amazing almost horror movie like scenes captured in snow globes..I tell you I like that stuff!
Saturday was the last day I had to do a preformance and Joelle and I were almost too late..taking the bus was not a good idea. Meeting Buggs from Scale Lowrider magazine was very cool since we know eachother for such a long time but never actually met. I was Also pleased to meet Joe from 360Low DVD magazine who did an interview.

I want to thank EVERYONE that came down and especially Meg Linton, Mario Montano, Big Poppa, Twin, Buggs, Kathy and the rest of the Ben Maltz gallery staff.
Joelle and I had a great time in L.A and hope to be back soon!!
Twins Caprice!
Twins Caprice!
DVD Sunday Driver
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