Jevries artist and creator of RC Scale Lowriders

I became fascinated with lowriding back in the early '90's seeing pictures of lowrider cars laying low on the ground with their colorful patterned paintjobs, intricate murals and shiny wire wheels.
But it was the hydraulic action making the cars lift, lower, hop and dance that got me really excited.

As a skateboarder and multiartist I identified myself with the lowriding culture as it is the ultimate expression of personal style, technical skills and artistic talent set in a urban landscape.
It became my passion to recreate and capture the excitement of lowriding in a scale model world.



I feel fortunate and grateful that so many people around the world enjoy my creations and that I got the chance to hang out and work with many talented lowrider artists, being featured in magazines and videos and doing shows and exhibitions world wide.

I hope you enjoy this cool RC lowrider car  made possible by Redcat and yours truly.

Short docu - JEVRIES Lowrider model car Artist

By Danny Hildago 2019