True 13 Lowrider wheels & tires

True 13 Lowrider wheels & tires

The Baddest new shoes in town.

I know a lot of you are waiting in anticipation for the New 1/10 scale Jevries True 13 wheels with Premium Jevries 5.20 tires to hit the market, the wait is almost over.

After working on it for many months with 3D Mosk Customs designer Ilya Kapitonov and engineer Adam Nowatkowski I was finally able to find a good manufacturer that was able to reproduce the detailed spokes, creating a high quality chrome/ gold finish and tough rubber tires.
The hollow Premium Jevries 5.20 tires were the most tricky part of the whole process trying to find a good rubber compound that's tough yet lightweight. At this moment we are still testing out different hardness foam cores and a new mold will be made to cast inserts that fit the shape of the tire perfect.
The development of the tires went through several phases starting out with a rough version to figure out the stretch on the rim and to make sure the white wall fits properly. After that the final steel mold consisting of nine cavities was made. The tires have that show quality deep black wet look.
The knock offs are in scale with the wheel and feature a brass molded insert that bolts on to the car like the real thing. The HEX 12 connection on the back fits Redcat's SixtyFour perfect and it also come with two extra adapters to make sure the front wheels won't hit the suspension arms.

The True 13 Lowrider wheels for your Redcat SixtyFour RC Lowrider are expected to be ready for sale fall 2021. Make sure to order yours in time because there will be a limited stock available.

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