Big performance in a 1/64 scale package! 


specs & features

  • 1/64 scale Die cast Racing Champions '64 Chevy Impala model

  • Radio controlled using toy RC car

  • Rear lift and front hopping action

  • Front and rear lights

A Tiny Champion

It was years ago that I messed with toy micro RC cars made by SHEN QI WEI, LXX Super Perfection, Bit Cars, Create Toys stunt spinners, etc.
For this Racing Champions '64 Chevy Impala I went with a Create Toys stunt spinner car because it has double motor output (H-bridge).
One output is used to control a tiny modified micro servo to lift the rear of the model car and the other to make this small die cast car hop.


Racing Champions 64 Impala lowrider
Creating a 1/64 scale Hopping lowrider

I started out grinding the inside of the die cast body removing all the unnecessary parts to make room for all the components.

2mm thick styrene is used to make the chassis with shaft and rear. 
A hacked micro servo that turns 360 degrees winds the Spider wire fishing line that runs under the chassis pulling the rear suspension down.
I bend a U-bar from brass that slides up and down in the plastic shaft on the front. 

micro servo lowrider chassis
This tiny micro servo is cut and modified to make it turn 360 degrees.
rear suspension 1/64 scale hopper
I used 1.5mm brass rod which is easy to bend and adjust to get the right shape for the rear suspension.
installed rear suspension 1/64 car
The rear suspension needs some tubing on the chassis to make hinge.
U bar 1/64 lowrider hopper
I bend a U bar also using 1.5mm brass rod and formed a shaft from styurene where it can slide up and down.
1/64 scale lowrider chassis belly
Small brass eyeleds are essential to make sure the Spider wire fishing line runs smooth and lasts.
1/64 rear suspension hinged
The brass rear suspension hinged and attached thin Spider wire fishing line that runs to the modified micro servo.
3.6V lipoly battery 1/64 scale
I had to grind away all the unnecessary elements inside the die cast body to make everything fit inside.
The hopper car is powered by a 3.6V 180 mAh lipoly battery.
RC circuit board and 1/64 chassis
To make sure all the battery power runs to the hopper motor I had to swap the cheap transistors for Mosfets.
1/64 lowrider chassis open
All the components fit inside and masked off to make sure the cicrcuitboard and wires don't get in contact with the die cast body.
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Toy RC Electronics

Since the goal was to use cheap RC electronics I used the internals of the Create Toys stunt car which features two motor outputs instead of the regular one motor and steering magnet/ coil outputs. 

I only had to swap the transistors of one channel for IRLM2502 N-channel Mosfets. Basically a Mosfet is a tiny electronic switch for of these create a so called H-bridge which works pretty much identical to a DPTD momentary toggle switch most of you guys use to hop and dance your model lowrider cars.

I also removed the condensator (energy collector/ storage) and the big resistor to make it all fit under the body of the model car.

To power this '64 Impala I used a small 3.6V 180 mAh lipo battery. By folding the edges I made it fit inside the trunk area. I can be charged using a dedicated Lipo charger.


Create Toys micro stunt spinner
I used the internals of this Create Roys micro stunt spinner because it features 2 motor outputs.
Micro RC stunt spinner circuitboard
After taking a photo of the wire leads I carefully disassambled the micro rc racer,
Micro RC car circuitboard transistor
Those red marked thingies are the new mosfets. These mosfets (electrical switches) are superior to the original transistors and push all the power to the hopper motor.
Micro RC circuitboard chassis
I placed the big resistor on the side of the circuitboard and the condensator (black drum thingie) in frotn of it.
Micro RC remote control
I didn't wanted to use a 9V block battery instead of 4X AAA batteries. To do this I had to create a 5V Voltage regulator otherwise the circuitboard will be fried.
5V voltage regulator
This is a basic 5V voltage regulator that turns 9V to 5V, the max. voltage the circuitboard can handle.
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Smooth Running Shoes

To make this small scale hopping lowrider hop nice I made the wheels spin freely using tiny bearings.
I used a piece of antenna tubing that have an exact fit for the bearings.
The bearings have an OD 3mm and ID 1mm.


1/64 scale wheels bearings
It's always best when the wheels of your model lowrider car spin freely.
I used a piece of antenna tubing that fits the tiny bearing perfect.
1/64 scale wheel ring and bearing
I used super glue placed the piece of tubing in the center of the wheel.
Finished 1/64 wheels with bearings
The result are four wheels featuring 4 bearings that make them run smooth.
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