The Wheel Deal

Updated: Feb 13

TRUE 13s for your RC Lowrider

I realize a lot of you are waiting in anticipation on the 1/10 scale True 13s that will fit Redcat's Sixty Four RC Lowrider.

Since early 2000 I created the TRUE 13s for Lowrider model cars in all kinds of scales resin casting them by hand including knock off and polyurethane white wall tires. It's a pretty time consuming process considering each part needs to cleaned of sprues, flash and be thoroughly degreased and scrubbed before they can be put on racks to ship them out for vacuum chrome plating done by Metalrys in Poland.

With such a high demand for the 1/10 scale lowrider wheels it's impossible to keep casting the wheels and tires by hand so we decided to take the next big step and have them mass produced.

Getting the design of the wheel right is one thing but finding the right manufacturer is another especially because I want the best quality for an afordable price.

Mock Up Sample. Final design will look different with high quality chrome and gold finish. For the 3D design of my wheels I've been working with Ilya from 3D Mosk Customs as he's doing an excellent job translating my ideas and vision into 3D files that I can then print and check if all parts fit together.

We've spend countless hours designing lowrider wheels always pushing the envelop to make it better and cleaner looking.

Designing a lowrider wheel is not as simple as just copying the real thing because in scale things look different so a good eye and feel for proportions and features is a must.

Making the wheels for mass production is a whole different ball game were you need to learn to work with the limitations that comes into play using the injection molding process.

We are currently running tests checking several wheel samples to see what works and what not. Before the release of mass produced TRUE 13s we will create a limited and exclusive pre-production run signed by me. We will keep you posted! Jevries.

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