Boogie Nights

'70 Chevy Impala RC lowrider
That's been all around the world.

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Back in 2014 I decided to start creating these 1/12 scale RC lowriders for customers which turned out to be a venture I would regret soon.
I created a new design for the chassis completely build for hopping using new drive motors with planetary gear heads and new diferential rear axle.


  • 1/25 scale '73 Chevy Caprice model by MPC 

  • Full working suspension Turnigy 1440 servo's

  • Full functional hydraulic suspension Arduino controlled

  • Electric moonroof

  • Working lights

  • Custom wire wheels by Hank with 520 styletires

  • Custom paintjob by Artist Armando Flores

Boogie Nights laying low at London Royal Palace

specs & features

  • 1/25 scale '70 Chevy Impala model by AMT 

  • Full working suspension controlled by three Turnigy 1440 servo's

  • Full A-arm suspension and steering

  • 380 Mabuchi type motor for hopping with tough braided fishing line

  • Planetary gear drive motor, drive train, U-joints and working rear axle

  • RC controlled lights including signal, parking and brake lights.

  • Custom made resin wire wheels with 520 style polyurethane tires

  • Custom paintjob by Artist Francisco Pancho Barron

Boogie Nights Barcelona
Boogie Nights Jevries mini store
Boogie Nights Whittier arch LA
Boogie Nights at the Lower Left
Boogie Nights Paris
Boogie Nights Shinjuku Tokyo
Boogie Nights Chicano park SD
Making a mold of the '64 Impala

For casting the model I used the original 1/12 scale Maisto G-Rides '64  Chevy Impala body.

I created a cost effective 15mm thick layer of 
Smooth-On Mold Max 30 silicone supported by a mother mold made out of acrylic resin reinforced with fiber glass cloth. 

I didn't want to waste a lot of silicone on the second, inner, half of the mold either so I went with a hollow mold. To further save cost I grinding old silicone molds with a meat grinder and mixed the granules with freshly mixed silicone. In between silicone layers I added band aid to make improve the tear strenght of the mold.

1/25 scale rear axle with gears
I used the rear axle that came with AMT's '70 Impala kit and hollowed it out where necessary.
Gizmozone's tiny miter gears work wonderfully well and don't strip.
assambled rear axle trailing arms
Glued both halves of the rear axle together and created trailing arms out of aluminum same goes for the cylinders.
1/25 scale brass universal joint
I couldn't find any small enough universal joints so I made two out of brass tubing.
Mounted rear axle to the chassis
It's important all measurements are correct so the rear axle sits right and has enough movement.
70 impala a arms and spindles
Boogie Nights features a full A-arm suspension with brass made spindles.
For ball joints I used necklace with one ball sitting inside the spindle and other one mounted to the A-arms.
A-arm suspension steering linkage
It's def more tricky to work with these style A-arms and allign them correctly.
To keep the wheels from tucking in it's absolutelt necessary that the steering linkages are perfectly alligned as well.
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Rear hydraulics using micro servos
Two highly modified Turnigy 1440 micro servos sitting next to eachother.
The servo arms pushes down on the piece of bend rod that's hooked up to the cylinder to ligt and lower the car.
Turnigy 1440 micr servos
Better view on how the two TGY1440 servos are lined up next to eachother.
I removed and repositioned the circuitboard and cut the housings to save space.
1/25 scale steering setup
The finished steering setup with moveable suspension and 5:1 ratio N20 planetary gear motor. The tiny Turnigy micro servo moves the sliding steering rod from left to right.
1/25 scale lowrider chassis
The complete chassis with hinged A-arms and rear suspension mounted to the trailing arms. I switched from wish bone to a single bar stabilizer.
1/25 scale lowrider chassis locked
The lowrider cars of the '70's didn't feature extreme hydraulic setups so I went with a mild looking lock up.
Front suspension spring tubing
Spring tubing running under the chassis to the cylibnders. Spider wire fishing line runs through the tubing to a micro servo on top pulling the rams out of the cylinders.
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electronic parts speakers
Here's a bunch of electronic parts that I used for the audio and color bar setup. Tiny bass speakers, circuit boards and DF MP3 player.
model car chassis with electron
Boogie Nights chassis is packed with electronics. 6 channel receiver on the side, micro speed controller, tiny bass speaker and DF MP3 player.
soldered leds for color bar
Strip of clear plastic with glued on tiny colored leds. I carefully soldered the individual copper wires.
color bar circuit board
I came across this diagram of a micro color organ circuit online and used it to power the three individual colored leds of my mini color bar.
color bar leds trip
The tiny strip with colored leds ready to be placed in it's casing.
color bar assambled and operating
It's spectacular to see the color bar flashing to the sound of the music. Pink leds for the bass, blue for mids and yellow for highs. There's 4GB of music stored on the SD card and the bass speaker puts out an impressive sound for it's size.
Boogie Nigths chassis components
On the front of the chassis there's the black servo that lifts the front and the orange one is for steering.
MP3 control buttons
Four buttons control the DF MP3 player. Two of the buttons have two functions skipping tracks back and forth with a short click and volume up and down pressing the buttons longer.
Boogie Nights interior and figurine
Even with all the functional parts and electronics there's still enough room for a custom interior and cool looking Lil Locters figurine.
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